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Midwest Data Center Site:  Prairie Bunker’s 760-acre site in Nebraska has room for new large greenfield “MEGA” data centers and over 900,000 s.f. of space in existing 5000 s.f. concrete bunkers available for conversion into 1MW data center “modules” or for use as “anchor” corners, housing infrastructure for new “whitespace” construction.  

Our site has room for large dedicated secure campuses for large data center operators, with room for expansion.  For data center operators who look to the electric grid for their primary power source, we offer low wholesale electric rates of approximately 4.5 cents/kWh for large, qualifying users,  low initial capex costs of land acquisition, fast-track permitting for rapid construction,  free cooling of over 6000 hours annually and Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage to minimize power usage, low-latency connectivity to East and West Coasts and plentiful water from the High Plains Aquifer.  We are located on the site of a former U.S. Navy Ammunition Depot, outside the zones for earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires and urban terrorism.

We also have access to waste from approximately 200,000 hogs being raised near our site by a large pork producer in sufficient quantities to support a significant-sized “zero-carbon” data center with fuel cells fired by methane from anaerobic digestion as the primary power source.  Our site also has room for solar and wind energy systems and Compressed Air Energy Storage to provide dispatchable renewable energy as back-up to the fuel-cells that would serve as a primary power source, as well as access to natural gas sources and room for natural gas storage should that form of power be desired by a data center operator.

Our Mission:  

  • To offer low cost of ownership, high-security data center space to cloud computing, web-hosting, colocation, and e-commerce vendors, data center operators and data center real estate developers, for dedicated campuses within our 760-acre Data Center Park, which contains 184 bunkers of 5000 s.f. each, with room for new construction for larger footprints. 
  • To reduce the carbon emissions of the data center industry and achieve high sustainability by re-purposing existing buildings, which have “green roofs” and “living walls”  into state-of-the-art data centers with zero-carbon power from fuel cells fired by methane produced on-site from anaerobic digestion using animal waste from nearby hog farms and cornstalks on site, or alternatively,  inexpensive electric power from a stable grid that contains over 40% non-carbon content, including wind and hydro.
  • To enable data center operators in our Park the opportunity for carbon offsets via direct participation in wind and/or methane recovery projects through power purchase agreements (PPAs).   
Our Data Center Park:
  • Above-ground reinforced-concrete bunkers built by U.S. Navy in WW II for storage of “mission-critical” ammo for the Pacific Fleet, now available for conversion to “mission-critical” data storage in modules of 5000 s.f. and 1 MW each.
  • Each bunker can accommodate between 120 and 160 cabinets, depending upon whether the cooling/UPS infrastructure is located inside or outside the bunker walls. 
  • Bunkers can be linked with new construction for whitespace, with infrastructure/equipment inside the bunkers; each set of four bunkers can be linked with 200,000 s.f. of new construction and this footprint can be extended or duplicated throughout the 760 acres.
  • Assured survivability, outside hurricane, flood, earthquake and fire zones and tornado-proof.
  • Multiple fiber providers with latency to each Coast under 40/msec.
  • Redundant, scalable, low-carbon content power on site, with plans to increase to over 95MW.
  • New discounted power rate of 4.5 cents/kWh for qualifying large users.
  • New “green” rate under consideration for users who request that a defined portion of their energy supply come from renewable and sustainable resources.
  • Has 200,000 hogs being raised nearby by one of the largest pork producers in the State and the waste from these hog operations could be used in an anaerobic digestion process to produce enough methane for a data center to be 100% powered by fuel cells.  We also have access to cornstalks as the ideal additional feedstock for the anaerobic digestion process.
  • Free air-side cooling for 6500-7000 hours annually and room for optional geo-cooling in-ground heat sink and an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system to reduce energy usage and cooling costs.
  • Water from Ogallala Acquifer available at high volumes and temperature of 56F.
  • Commuting distance to universities, airports and Interstate 80.
  • Modular expansion to adjacent modules at fixed cap ex.
  • New state economic incentives available.  
  • Fast-track review by Clay County of subdivision and construction permit applications. 
Our Products and Services:
  • We will sell “as-is” parcels, sized for “MEGA” data centers, and we welcome data center developers who wish to establish their own dedicated campus and inventory of data center space within the Park.
  • We will “convert-to-suit” one or more bunkers into powered shell modules, each with 1 MW redundant power and fiber.
  • We will sell one or more bunkers “as-is” for conversion by Buyer.
  • Designs to convert bunkers into high-density, hot-aisle containment, LEED-certifiable, Tier III “rack-ready” data centers are available. 

Contact:  Gary Hultquist, Chairman;; 415.264.0054